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  1. I know that, the thing is that I don’t have access to that tool anymore, I want someone that can help me change it, I mean that I can send my Pokémon, then someone can chance it’s gender, and then trade it back to me
  2. I’ve been playing Pokémon sword for a couple of weeks now, but I have an issue I got access to pkhex but i don’t anymore, can some help me changing my ponyta’s gender, i accidentally make it male but I would like it to be female, can some help me with that? Thanks in advance
  3. thanks bro, it works perfectly, really appreciate it!
  4. thanks, could you also give all medicine items, and common items?, thanks bro!
  5. none, maybe i dont know where to look, but in the tab options, there are no export option, i can create a save file, but it just creates a file in openemu for me to use it later, but its not a battery save
  6. I'm using openemu, it seems that i dont have those options
  7. Want me to make a new file, i mean start the game all over again? i can do it
  8. I know they supposed to be there, but when i start the game they don't appear Yeah, I'm ok wuth someone handling my file, i trust you guys
  9. Hey guys, unfortunately I updated my mac and i can no longer use pkhex, im looking for some help, trying to get some pokemon for my Platinum adventure, hope someone can help me these are the pokemon All with: Level: 10 OT: Jorge ID: 24412 From Egg / Daycare Couple Chimchar Gender: Male Nature: Naive EVs: 252 Atk / 64 Sp. Atk / 192 Speed IVs: 31 all - Vaccum Wave - Fire Punch - Double Kick - Thunder punch Piplup Gender: Male Nature: Modest EVs: 12 HP / 252 Sp. Atk / 244 Speed IVs: 31 all - Hydro Pump - Ice Beam - Agility - Aqua Ring
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