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  1. I've redownloaded PKHeX, extracted it properly on my desktop, removed any and all cores, and i'm on the latest .NET Framework and it still gives me that fatal non-UI Error
  2. I can't find the unblock option on the properties tab, sorry
  3. I tried but it didn't give me anything that could help me I'm on windows 10, with the latest net framework installed, but i can't open pkhex at all
  4. Hey so i wanted to edit save files on pkhex but lately it's not working i've tried downloading the latest version, restarting my computer, but every time i try and open it i get "A fatal non-UI error has occurred in PKHeX, and there was a problem displaying the details." and after that, i get a .txt file showcasing this error how can i fix this? is it possible to solve this problem?
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