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  1. Just back from the Pokémon Day in Frankfurt and was able to download the Snarl Zoroark on my English game. Here is the .pgf file, although I not sure why I was able to get it on an English game as last generation local wireless distributions were language dependent. When did this change?

    Guested edit: Will check this out and add it later today if everything looks good. When this Zoroark was distributed in Greece, it was distributed to each language, so... it's possible the German one was as well? Unfortunately, that means you've received the WC with the English title, instead of the German one. I believe we'll have another contribution of the German one from the event on the 18th, from Mister T.

  2. Hey Guys,

    Just a few events you seem to have missed all obtained by me in person.

    UK Celebi from the current UK Tour.

    French Celebi from the random downloads at Game and other gamey shops (I've not been able to find anything on any websites confirming this, but it is a local wireless download at the stores and the dates range from Feb 1st to March 3rd, can anyone in France get a scan of the poster?).

    I also have a pkm file of the Arceus from the UK tour (mine in particular is from Belfast in Northern Ireland part of the tour), I deleted the Wondercard ages ago, sorry. Is it possible to recall pgt and pcd files from a save file?

    UK Celebi.pcd

    UK Celebi.pgt

    UK Celebi.pkm

    French Celebi.pcd

    French Celebi.pgt

    French Celebi.pkm

    Arceus Belfast Timid.pkm

    UK Celebi.pcd

    UK Celebi.pgt

    UK Celebi.pkm

    French Celebi.pcd

    French Celebi.pgt

    French Celebi.pkm

    Arceus Belfast Timid.pkm

  3. A big thanks to all the people who played along and contributed to this event!

    I think a big thanks should go to Guested for organising this whole event, without his Japanese translations and patience to post up all this info, none of this would be possible. It was an akward event to collect the full set, but somehow you did it by mobilising the community.

    Thanks again for all your work and thanks to everyone else who worked to get us the Eeveeultions!

  4. Buzz thanks so much for the Code for croagunk YOU'RE AWESOME! couldn't find it anywhere!. oh by the way since you got the password for croagunk would you have the kanto Starter passwords too? regardless thanks and again sorry.

    Edit: the lickitung and Poochyena both have RED cherish balls after being transfered.

    oddish has pokeball. is this a glitch in my game or what?

    Edit: I copied my Save file and I think it's probably pokesav Doing this...turning dreamballs to Cherish balls? I'll Try PokeGen

    I found the password for the Croagunk somewhere on the Serebii forums, so send your thanks there, I'm just passing on the info :)

    I don't have any passwords for the Kanto starters, I'm not spending €30 odd to import the Pokémon Pia book. My view on the starters is quite simple, if it ain't a Speed Boost Torchic, it ain't worth getting spending loads or excited over :bidoof:

    I've done a new back up and extracted my Dream World Lickitung for you. If it's a problem with the programs we'll know. The file ending in Sav was extracted using Pokesav and the one ending with Gen was extracted via Pokegen. I noticed when I extracted the pkm from Sav that it doesn't have a Dream Ball on the drop down menu, that could be the problem...

    The Oddish WAS caught with a Pokeball, I thought I could keep the Dream Ball if I didn't use it, but it vanished. Game Freak were on to me :tongue:





  5. Hi there thanks for the PKM uploads Just wanted to ask why are the names of some in English? I thought in the Japanese games you can only have 5 characters...(atleast on the Japanese pokemon). well I was planning on putting some in my retail save But then I seen the long English names I had to ask...I don't want my pokemon to look hacked...Just asking. and Also are some of the pokemon supposed to have Cherish balls? Lickitung and another one had a cherish ball on them sorry if I sound like a pain with the questions I haven't had time to play on DW much...

    Maybe whoever caught the Pokémon with the English name is playing a patched copy? Why not ask them or not use their Pokémon?

    Bag_Cherish_Ball_Sprite.png->Cherish Ball

    Bag_Dream_Ball_Sprite.png->Dream Ball

    I know my Lickitung was caught in a Dream Ball, I caught it myself after all

    Another one for today, Lotad female. I don't think it has any special move.

    If this is useful to anyone the code for the Poison Hand Crogunk is コロコロであおう

    Pop it in the Campaign section and it automatic goes to the Notice Board. I added after I did my Dream World for today, so I'll have to wait for tomorrow to add it. BTW my Croagunk is male, I wonder if it's possible to get a female one?

    Lotad female.pkm

    Lotad female.pkm

  6. Great idea!

    If you haven't noticed yet, depending on how you score in the mini-games (we think), the pokemon may have a special move (egg move, etc... or even a move it can't normally learn), so it'll be great to have a collection of these going.

    As long as it's not Ice Cream stacking, I can usually do good in the mini-games! I think all three of my 'mon have special moves, I know for certain that my Poochyena has Poison Fang.

    I'm aiming to get female Pokemon from Dream World, for the future breeding of DW abilities, of course. Whatever people can find is great. There's a lot of Pokemon in that Dream World and only getting one Pokemon to send to your game once a trip could make getting a single collection tiresome.

  7. So here's an easy to find compilation of Dream World Pokémon, many thanks to posters Mewtwo, Bond679, Djidane, Buzzthebatgirl, Makomo, Deadpool, Wyndamn, Xen, Kalashnikov, kudan for the Pokémon!

    All Pokemon were extracted from the Storage using NDS Adaptor Plus and Pokégen on my retail copy of Black. From what I've noticed my OT gets messed up, I guess it doesn't love the name of Buzz♀

    As suggested by a poster who deleted his/her post (post again and I'll add your name, sorry I forgot it), please label your uploads with the Pokemon Species, gender and DW (so we know it's Dream World). Nature is optional, put it in if you'd like.

    Example something like: PikachuMaleDW

    If contributing please extract the .pkm file from the Storage Box, not the party. Party pokes aren't 236 bytes anymore and poksav screws it up badly

    If you are having problems loading these files into your game, make sure you have the most up to date version of Pokégen that usually solves most of the problems

    Here's a list that I will keep up date every few days. Males and Females are listed separately. Remember folks Females allow you to breed off the Dream World abilities.

    Here's a list of the Pokémon we have so far, all Pokémon are Japanese unless otherwise stated:

    Event/Special DW Pokémon:



    Thanks to Bond 697

    Kanto Starters:



    (obtained in trading, not sure of full legitness, use at your own risk)

    Regular Dream World Pokémon:

    Male Pokémon:














    Female Pokémon:


    • See end of this post

























    Female Lotad

    (Caught with a Net Ball)

    Careful/Own Tempo

    Ivs 25 HP/11 Atk/ 5 Def/ 9 Spa/ 27 Spd/ 31 Spe

    Nature Power/Absorb/Astonish/Growl





    • here

      Thank you everyone for Contributing so far :)

      Still needed:

      • Psyduck
      • Growlithe
      • Scyther
      • Tauros
      • Marill
      • Sudowoodo
      • Girafarig
      • Miltank
      • Zigzagoon
      • Castform
      • Buneary
      • Glameow
      • Vulpix
      • Poliwag
      • Natu
      • Elekid
      • Skitty
      • Butterfree
      • Pidgey
      • Spearow
      • Hoothoot
      • Ledyba
      • Natu
      • Yanma
      • Delibird
      • Swablu
      • Drifloon
      • Skarmory
      • Tropius
      • Drifloon
      • Chatot
      • Slowpoke
      • Krabby
      • Horsea
      • Goldeen
      • Staryu
      • Magikarp
      • Kabuto
      • Wooper
      • Qwilfish
      • Corsola
      • Remoraid
      • Carvanha
      • Wailmer
      • Barboach
      • Clamperl
      • Relicanth
      • Luvdisc
      • Buizel
      • Finneon
      • Tentacool
      • Carvanha
      • Corphish
      • Lileep
      • Anorith
      • Feebas
      • Shellos
      • Lapras
      • Dratini

      Oddish nn Weed.pkm



      Oddish nn Weed.pkm



  8. I'll have a bash at this since I'm going to import B/W. I'll select Buizel to play this game with. Thanks for all the translations, they should help!


    I've been playing this for a while and managed to meet/find 18 Pokémon including Glaceon in the forest stage. Dunno if that's what I'm going to get at the end of the event, but though it might be useful to post this up here.

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