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  1. Yeah, the file has not gone online before. I've kept my cfw on airplane since I've gotten it so I have no chances of getting banned Just ran a diff, same exact files Thanks for all your help, I'm going to keep looking but I appreciate the insight
  2. Interestingly, I already have that file: Would it be worth it to overwrite it with the file at that location? Or should I explore other options?
  3. I did import all 4 files, although the file has never been online Here is the block on my save:
  4. Ah my bad, I only imported the blocks as-is, I did not modify them at all.
  5. I injected the appropriate wild area news and also edited/added a few Pokemon. Also I just started messing around with all this about a month ago; what do you mean by index one vs index two?
  6. After the recent Wild Area News update I have been unable to launch a local wireless raid on my CFW switch and see/be able to join on my unhacked switch. Looking around I saw that this typically is caused by a wild area news mismatch between the games. Since I do not want to connect my CFW to the internet to get the update, I followed this guide with this data to block edit in the new Wild Area event. Everything seemed to work properly, and I was able to load the edited save on my switch without any issues. I then updated wild area news on my unhacked switch, but when I launched a raid on my CFW switch I still am unable to see it on the unhacked. Has anyone else had this issue/have any ideas on how to resolve this?
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