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  1. It's 100% self caught. I just came across it while messing with my girlfriend's save in PKHeX to get acquainted with the save editor (I just started learning it yesterday, and as such the save has never been touched by an editor before). But I was with her when she caught it, and as she evolved it and leveled it up (we were doing a sun/moon playthrough together), so I, personally, can verify that it should be 100% legit. She did trade it to my Sun version at one point so I could fill in a blank spot for Pikachu in my pokedex, and then I traded it back to her. Perhaps, the games misinterpreted some code or something during the trades causing an issue with the Latest (Not OT ) Handler? It's the only thing I can imagine. It also wouldn't explain the errors regarding the Invalid Move (which should be valid) and the Encounter error (Considering the encounter is one of only two ways to get Pichu in these games), but if I understand correctly, placing it in a PC box should rectify those issues, yeah?
  2. So, I'm having an issue. I'm getting an error stating that this Alolan Raichu, which was caught and raised in-game, NOT generated in PKHeX, is illegal for two reasons. 1) Because it has an invalid move, Sweet Kiss. This is incorrect because Sweet Kiss is learned naturally by Pichu at Level 10. 2) Because apparently PKHeX cannot match an encounter from the origin game. This is particularly strange because the Raichu is in it's game of Origin (Pokemon Moon Version) and has full met details on where it was caught, the Hau'oli City Shopping District, and it's level at the time of being caught (Lvl 5). Keep in mind that in Generation 7, Pichu can ONLY be caught in the Hau'oli City Shopping District and on Route 1. As far as I can tell, this Raichu should not be getting flagged as illegal for any reason. I'll post up the pk7 file along with this. If anyone has any ideas as to why this mon is being flagged, please let me know. It was for a fact caught in game and not generated or edited in any way by PKHeX. Thanks. Quick Edit: I realize that the encounter date for this pokemon says it was caught in 2011. This is due to it being caught while the 3DS was set to an incorrect date. Either way, I've found that changing the date to 2020 does not change the error. 026-01 - Havika - CA069EC2F64F.pk7
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