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    I've been digging on the Underground (heh) offsets for this past week, and I managed to get most of them! I have published them on a Github Gist so everyone could take a look at them. Diamond and Pearl: Traps: from 0x42B0 to 0x42D7 length: 0x28 Goods: from 0x42D8 to 0x42FF length: 0x28 Treasures: from 0x4300 to 0x4327 length: 0x28 Spheres: from 0x4328 to 0x4377 first 0x28 being the items, last ones their size Platinum: Traps: from 0x4538 to 0x455F length: 0x28 Goods: from 0x4560 to 0x4587 length: 0x28 Treasures: from 0x4588 to 0x45AF length: 0x28 Spheres: from 0x45B0 to 0x45FF first 0x28 being the items, last ones their size The values in those offsets (besides the spheres sizes) are their position in the files attached in hex, Spheres and Treasures are in the same file (still keeping the position hex tho)! text_dppt_UGGoods_en.txt text_dppt_UGTraps_en.txt text_dppt_UGTreasures_en.txt
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    If you edit the forest directly, all you have to edit for a pkm is this: Species, Gender, special move, how it is animated (not saved in pkm data), and if it is hidden (not saved in pkm data). The game just re-generates from the template data that's stored in the save file. Kinda hard to screw up Species-Gender-Move1 legality.
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    You asked what's the most proper way, so I answered you. If you want a improper way, such as PKHeX, then just use the wonder card. We got the wonder card on our site. :3
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    Street pass with something that has received the ticket. Besides that, the event has ended.
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    thank you for this cheat, really hope you will update it
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