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Celebi in the Ilex Forest


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Beware! These are the 3 Pokemon that will attack you while walking in the shortcut of the Rocket Hideout (Johto).

First off is Koffing


Voltorb is another one.


And finally...Geodude.


After opening the doors with the password and defeating Team Rocket, you must defeat the Electrode who are glitching the generator. You can still catch one though but they are all on Level 23.

[sprite]101[/sprite] Defeat or catch is your choice.


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In order to get Ho-oh in Crystal, you must catch all 3 legendary dogs and don't trade nor release them. Meet Eusine in the Celadon Pokemon Center after having all 3 legendary dogs and he will go to the Tin Tower. Talk to the elderly man in the back of the ground floor and he will give you the Rainbow Wing. Scale the Tin Tower then you will meet this Level 60 Ho-oh.


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That's only for the japanese version though. You had to use your cell phone or something if I recall correctly.

I remember wanting one so bad. I never ended up getting one though. I had to wait until RSE and an AR before I got one...

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Seeing as this thread is fairly unnecessary it shall be closed.


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