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Revisitng Pokemon...


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It's been over 8 years since I last played Pokemon...I last played Silver prior to buy SoulSilver a few days ago. Before that, I heard my friends talking about Pokemon nonstop including the technical aspects of it such as IVs/EVs which I had never heard of. Now, getting back into Pokemon, I really wish to play around with the coding now that I have a basic knowledge of how...stuff works, lol. I downloaded PokeSav for HG/SS onto my computer, but I kinda realized I had some limitations.

First issue I ran into is my DS. I have the ancient DS that first came out. Most of the ARs are sold as DSi ARs. Wll the DSi AR work fine with my old DS?

Second issue is actually using the Pokesav. I have tampered around with it quite a bit, but...I need help in doing a few things. To be honest, I want to spend more time/searching/etc before I ask for specific help.

So...just issue one. can anyone give me a solid answer? Thanks in advance! :)

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