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Pokemon Fire Red X


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Started: 16th April 2010

Hack Name: Pokemon Fire Red X

What is Pokemon Fire Red X?

Basically, It's the exact same story line as Pokemon Fire Red but with a few changes (Listed in the features) It's more of a fun edit, it's basically a harder version.


Harder Difficulty

Stronger Gyms

Stronger Trainers - Not Fully Complete (Beta 2)

Johto/Hoenn/Kanto Pokemon Obtainable (Wild) - (More Being Added In Beta 2)

Event(s) (Beta 2)

New Area(s) (Beta 2)

More items for sale in Pokemart (Beta 2)

Current Release: Beta 1.0

Beta 1.0 (Media Fire)
(link dead)

Any bugs occur, please pm me or leave in comments, thanks!

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