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Yes, I'm going to make a guide in winning the Pokeathlon using a team of Eevees. I've won a lot of trophies thanks to the little critters. If you see extra posts, that's reserved space for I'm going to post a guide for each course.



Introduction (This Post)

Speed Course

Power Course [Coming Soon]

Skill Course [Coming Soon]

Stamina Course [Coming Soon]

Jump Course [Coming Soon]

Click one of the courses to go to that post.



I see that you want to know how to win the guide using Eevees. Why? Well, I am just a big fan of Eevee and its evolutions and wanted to show how awesome they are.

Eevee's Performance Stats:

Eevee is pretty flexible to use when it comes to it's stats. Its evolved form has better potential in stats but this guide is solely for Eevee.

X = Base Stars | O = Stars that can be Gained | Note: The stats are if they aren't affected by nature.






They aren't that great until you give it some Aprijuice.


- This is if you're entering the regular course. I suggest not entering the Supreme Cup unless you are daring enough to go against strong evolved Pokemon that may overpower you easily.

- When I point out on giving an Eevee a certain Aprijuice, this is if the Mildness on the Aprijuice is maxed out (255) so it won't have any negative effects.

- Natures of the Eevees is very crucial when trying to win at the events. You may get a decrease in a stat you need the most.

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*~ Speed Course ~*

Basic Description:

The speed course is based off of Speed and Stamina. You're going to need to coordinate the Eevees well and get accustomed to their stats such as their speed, jump, and skill.

The Eevee Team:

Eevee #1:

Aprijuice Given: Speed Juice (+2 Speed, +1 Stamina)

Eevee #2:

Aprijuice Given: Speed Juice (+2 Speed, +1 Stamina)

Eevee #3:

Aprijuice Given: Stamina Juice (+2 Stamina, +1 Speed)

The first two Eevees will be your main lead in most of the Events. The 3rd Eevee will be in place so your other 2 Eevees can rest. The +2 Stamina Boost will give your 3rd Eevee enough time for them to recover to full strength.


Hurdle Dash

Hurdle dashes requires a lot of coordination and timing. Remember that you will have one Eevee slower than the others.

To get as many points, time your jumps with all 3 Eevees to give them a speed boost when jumping each hurdle. As soon as you reach the max speed boost possible, just concentrate on making over the hurdles until you reach the goal line. One thing you should aim for is to not break any hurdles to get the "No Miss" bonus.

Remember that some double hurdles are spaced a bit farther instead of close together. If you have some Eevees with 2 or less stars in Jump, they may land right on top of the hurdle or land right beside it. Try having a nature that boosts your jump to 3 stars.

Try getting over 100 points from this event. That's under 95 seconds minimum.

Pennant Capture

Now this is very frustrating. It may require a bit of luck cause the course is different and the flags appear at random times you start collecting them.

For this one, try going around the area in a circle-like path. Most flags don't appear much in the middle. Plus, it's best taking that path cause if you go through the middle, you may end up colliding into other Pokemon and lose time and even your flag(s).

Make big straight strokes and make sure that your stroke with the stylus makes your Eevee get as many flags in one movement. Also, try getting the max amount of flags (9) before returning back to swap.

Try getting about 135 points or more in this event. If you returned with 9 flags every time, you should have gotten around 36 flags if you didn't take so long getting the flags.

Relay Run

This is my most favorite event. I don't really need to explain much about this event; just go and start dashing as long as you can!

All you need to do for this one is to just remember the obstacles on your first lap and continue the loop until time runs out. Swap out when necessary and remember you have the 3rd Eevee to give your two fast Eevees time to recover.

Avoid bumping into Pokemon because you'll need every second. If a Pokemon bumps into you from behind, you'll get a boost! Just make sure you don't end up hitting an obstacle.

Try getting about 150 points or higher. That's about 15 laps or more. If you have under 10 seconds left, swap out and let the next Eevee run the last lap unless it's the slower one but that's your choice.


If you followed most of the guide. You should have done really good. The point total would be estimated below.

Hurdle Dash: ~ 100

Pennant Capture: ~ 135

Relay Run: ~ 150

You should have a total of 385 Points or more. Now you have bonus points. Bonuses are very helpful and help you get a very high score.

Pokemon and Team: 45

No-Miss Bonus: 10 to 30

Point Leader: 20 to 60*

Dashed the Most: 10 to 30*

Jumped the Most: 10 to 30*

Hit the Most: 10 to 30*

* This is only possible if all 3 Eevees had the exact same amount. But it's very hard getting all 3 Eevees to get the bonus since you have one Eevee that is slower and may not share the points. Though you can get at least one Eevee to get a bonus.

You should always get the Pokemon and Team bonus of course and since you should place 1st in most events, you should get one Eevee as the Point Leader. If you got at least one No-Miss bonus, you'll get a total of about 75 or more points in bonuses.

So all together, you should have 460 Points or more and place 1st in the Pokeathlon!

Also, since you have gotten over 450 points, you'll get 2 Collective Trophies for this Course!

That's all!

Personal Best:

Now this is just my personal best for the course using Eevees only. Since the guide shows the minimum amount of points you could have gotten by the end of the course, this is when I tried getting the highest possible.

Hurdle Dash: 129 Points

Pennant Capture: 162 Points

Relay Run: 172 Points

Bonuses: 95 Points

--Team & Pokemon: 45 Points

--No-Miss Bonus: 20 Points

--Point Leader: 20 Points

--Dashed the Most: 10 Points

Total: 558 Points

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*~ Power Course ~*

Basic Description:

This course relies on power and stamina. But overall, it's mostly brute strength and you may need to play a bit messy to win. Using Eevees in this course in my oppinion uses strategy more than brute strength.

The Eevee Team:

Eevee #1:

Aprijuice Given:

Eevee #2:

Aprijuice Given:

Eevee #3:

Aprijuice Given:

Work in Progress

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