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Corrupted save file on Desmume (0.9.13) after using Pokegen


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I used pokegen to add a pokemon to my box and then hit save file in pokegen and it was able to save fine as far as I could tell. However when I went to open the game after editing, I only had the option to start a new game and the save file was gone. I can still see the .dsv file in the battery folder of desmume, does anyone know how I can open it in the emulator?

I tried converting the .dsv file to .sav and using import backup, but when I do it tells me that "save data size cannot be reliably determined from the file you're importing". I've seen that I should choose the manual option instead of auto, but even after choosing manual and restarting the emulator my save file won't show up. Does anyone know what could be causing this problem? I'm happy to add any more details that would be helpful.

Screenshot (63).png

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