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Editing moves using PPRE

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I am trying to edit some moves effect like heal bell also restores hp along with status problem, recover hp of all premium on user field, hammer arm reduces opponents speed, close combat reduces opponents def, sp. Def. Something like this... Just for my own.

I am using PPRE2 rom editor, move editor tool. There are effect codes for what the move does, in numbers like (80) for moves with recharge (Hyper beam, Giga impact etc) , (17) for sure hit moves (magical leaf, Swift etc).

However I can't understand which code is for making the attack work on only opponents field like Earthquake, Surf does damage to only opponents pokemons. How to make Draco Meteor damage all of opponents pokemons instead of just one. How to make close combat, hammer arm reduces opponents stats. How to make heal bel restore hp along with healing status problems.

I tried using codes from heal pulse which can heal a targeted Pokemon along with code for targeting all of party Pokemon from heal bell. But it doesn't seems to work, it only takes status problem only. 

I also had using Pokemon ROM changer tool , it is very easy to use as it gives direct text information about what the move does, which Pokemon are affected, which gets stats changed etc. The downside is i can only edit vanilla ROM, it doesn't work on hacks. So I tried to extract the vanilla ROM edited move data narc file(a/0/2/1) and move it in the Moon Black 2 rom. It works, however the pre-edited ,oves in the hacks are also changed, some MB2 exclusive moves are also changed back to normal. 

Can I get some help in understanding the move effect, target code in PPRE2 toolkit so I can change the move data while retaining the edited data of the hack 

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