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[GEN III] GEmeTool - Modify the rematch status of trainers in Pokémon Emerald and other flags.

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Please keep in mind that if your country requires further warranties that the ones stated in the GPLv3 for you as consumer/enterprise you are not allowed to download this code in this distribution channel, you may contact with a third party to package this software for you handling the liability.

The GPLv3 license for direct distribution only applies to countries that do not require me granting you any warranty.

Version v0.7.0 (The Pokémon Edition System) (Updated supply chain libraries on 2024-05-20)

Screenshotfrom2024-03-0209-00-31.png.3c9fabda9d02cb4d14ac8b5b244dbc33.pngScreenshotfrom2024-03-0209-01-39.png.251ce44f04eaf91ab205c899b9bc967d.pngScreenshot from 2024-03-02 10-34-41.png


We have now an experimental/incomplete pokémon editor, keep in mind that thanks to our advanced backup system it does not pose any risk for your save.


If you are on Linux you may want the source code instead of this binary:

It won't work in ruby, sapphire, fire red or leaf green, but if you have interest I can make versions for those games.

Support for every game of the third gen is in backlog!!

Take a look of the log/backup system.



You are going to need 7-zip to decompress this file, this is actually good since 7-zip is way faster to decompress than the native windows zip.



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This new bundle corresponds with v0.7.0, that have not changed, the only difference is I have updated the dependencies, the reason for that is to stay clear of vulnerabilities in the supply chain. I do not have too much time to develop further currently.

The only dep still on an old version is gtk since there is problems with cross compiling to windows the new versions (4.13 and up), it is still on 4.12.5-r1, previously it was on 4.12.5.


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