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Gen 3 Wish event PIDs


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Hello. Long time lurker, this is my first actual post.

There are some Wish egg .pkm files floating around, but they don't necessarily have the nature or IVs that I'd like them to.

I've seen previous threads on this topic mention running it through RNGReporter using Method 2, but I'm a bit confused. Does this mean to do it as if it was a wild Pokémon? And doesn't the Fateful Encounter flag need to be checked?

And before anyone asks, I'm not using this against, well, anyone. Except the Elite Four or Battle Frontier maybe, if I use it at all. 100% personal use just as a novelty.

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Just out of curiosity, I tried just using Method H-2 and punching in that PID with Wish Drowzee just as is. Unsurprisingly, no go. Encounter type PID mismatch.

And yes, I know it literally does not matter since it's just my game anyway and I'm not battling anybody or anything, but it does matter to me. Hard to explain.

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