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PKMN Sacrlet and Violet save file error - Need help [I am able to raid online but not trade or accept gifts online]

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Hello folks;


I have the same / typical error for both of my scarlet and violet save-file (NTSC). Just for the record, its a legit game (No roms) and I am in OHIO USA. 



Error Message: The Software Was Closed Because An Error Occurred


Side note:

I am not banned.

I am not locked out.

I am not closed in anywhere not even in E-Shops. I can see deals and sales on games. 

I checked with NINTENDO SUPPORT and they confirmed with me that I am not banned at all. 



Every time I connect online for surprise trade or to receive an online gift, the game saves and then it freezes. In the end, I receive this error message. 

I also cannot use the synchronizing machine in the DLC - CLUB ROOM (Indigo disk) because the game will also auto-save and then freeze in the end with this error message. 

Pokemon Home will not read my files anymore. 



Troubleshooting steps:

I turned off auto-saving feature. 

I cleaned / cleared out my SD-CARD plus deleted all third party applications. 

I even formatted my SD-CARD.

I deleted POKEMON SCARLET and VIOLET DLC files/ patches and redownloaded 2-3 times throughout these steps. 

I went through my inventory and took out items through PKHEX making sure all the items are legit. 

I checked and verified with PKHEX that my save file is valid (CHECKSUM). Its valid. 

I checked and confirmed that my NINTENDO ONLINE subscription is fully validated and active. 




I performed all these tasks and its now on 3.0.1. However the error is still active and no trade/ gift is accessible along with POKEMON HOME not responding to my file(s).  The actual game works fine and I am able to play the whole game (travel, catch pokemon, battle NPC etcetera).


Please help.

Any advise is helpful.

If you want, I can upload my files here with JKSV.  


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