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Question About Pokemon Ranger (Japanese Version)


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Didn't want to resurrect a post from 2018 to ask a question there, but Im having an issue with Pokemon Ranger. Im trying to get Manaphy, and so I bought a copy of pokemon ranger from japan, wiped it completely clean of save data as to make sure i could get the egg, but theres just one issue. I cant for the life of me find the ranger net option. I beat the game, but no new option for the ranger net appeared on the main menu.

Interestingly enough the ranger net option was not on the main menu when i first got the cart either, so im just stumped. Ive spent the last 2 hours beating all the other postgame material like kyogre and groudon, but anything ranger net related i just cant either find the trigger to start the mission or access the ranger net to input the code.

Any info would be amazingly helpful.


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From bulbapedia: "In the first Ranger game, it unlocks after finishing the game. Special missions could be downloaded locally via GBA cartridge (SLOT-2) or wireless distribution in the Japanese version. The game boots within the Ranger Net and unlocks it automatically (even if there is no save data), but the downloaded missions can't be played before finishing the game."

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The special missions of ranger1 have difference in jp version and non-jp version.

For non-jp version, the missions are all included in rom, so after you first clean your game, the ranger net will open with one mission, and you can enter password to open manapphy mission.

For jp versjon, the mission aren't included in rom, the mission data got from distrubition are stored in sav file. So that a jp version ranger1 without mission distributed will have no chance to get manapphy.

You can use this tool to inject mission to your ranger1 jp sav.


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