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Pokémon Battle Moves // Asset / Sprite Assistance

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I am working on a very large and relatively ambitious extension for Pokémon Showdown. I'm working on creating the most authentic BW experience for the site, and so far everything is going smoothly. From music, to camera angles, to the scaling of the Pokémon, to the different backgrounds. It's all practically done. I have a few roadblocks that I've been faced with:

1. There are no animated backgrounds. All of the backgrounds that I obtained I manually created in blender with .dae files and their in game textures (Image Attached) which create an okay looking alternative, but not the perfection that I want. I found someone (Snivy101 on devianart) that had actually done what I wanted, but all I could find was a low resolution image with all of them. The images need to be bigger (Image attached). The solution for this in my head, would be to remove the battle camera movement, delete the sprite for all Pokémon, remove the HP bar and just record a loop of the battle animation.

2. I do not have the move animations (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNW2L2DtPIg), and quite frankly, I have zero clue how they are stored and I need them preferably as .gifs or individual frames (I really doubt they are stored this way, there are some attack animations that seem 3D.)

If you have any idea with how I should proceed, or if anyone has already done something similar and the past, I would really appreciate all the help I could get.



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