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Are pokemon with max contest stats legal?

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I would like to transfer up some pokemon that I made with max stats in every contest category, but I am not sure how it would be legal even though PkHex says it is. It seems like you can only max 1 or 2 stats before sheen is maxed. Is there a reason why you can have 255 in every contest category while sheen can be as low as 56? Just want to make sure its not an oversight

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Yes, max contest stats can be legal as far back as Gen 3. Getting perfect stats in Gen 3 is extremely tedious and I believe it requires the use of eReader berries, but it is definitely possible through official means. Sheen was ignored when feeding Pokeblocks in ORAS making maxing out any Pokemon passing through Gen 6 very easy. I think it can still be done in BDSP but requires making very good Poffins in Amity Square. Linneus's The Absurd Depths of the Pokeblock and subsequent Poffin video are full of information about this if you want to know more.

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