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*PAID* Rom Hack Request

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This is a PAID Rom Hack Request, that I feel shouldn't be too tricky, but I can't figure it out myself. I'm looking for a Rom Hack of Pokemon Red where the game moves at 4x speed automatically, yet the audio is playing at normal speed. I usually play Pokemon Red in OpenEmu with Speed Up on (4x speed), however, the audio also moves at 4x speed, which isn't enjoyable to listen to.

My solution so far has been to record at 4x speed and then add in audio in postproduction, however, this takes an insanely long time. I do also understand that a Pokemon Fast Red rom hack exists, however, I have to continually hold down the B button when moving, and every battle sequence is also at normal speed.

Also - is this even possible? My initial answer is I would think so, but I only know basic programming

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