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PMD - Otherworld


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Been a while since I posted here! I'm here to bring you another creation by Team Portal, in the form of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Otherworld!

The members of Team Portal included in the creation of this hack (Discord handles reported here) were:

  • @miju1148 (me)
  • @filthy0173
  • @pazkallan
  • @reapersynergy
  • @marcolinoz

This hack follows Mitzi the Fomantis, Puck the Galarian Zigzagoon and a third, scary Pokémon in their journey though a different, scary world. Will MItzi and Puck be able to escape? What will they discover in this spooky place?

This was made for the second SkyTemple Hack Jam! The topic of the hack jam was "Ghosts and Spirits" and the gimmick was "Have a map background not present in the base game".

The average playtime for this hack is about 30 minutes; and the patch is for the US version of Explorers of Sky. 

This post is mostly for hosting purposes, haha. Discord will soon no longer support permanent links, so there needed to be another way to download the hack. Still, if you found this hack through this post, I hope you enjoy it!

Screenshot 1.png

Screenshot 2.png

Screenshot 3.png

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Otherworld.xdelta

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