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Assistance requested for a weather mark overworld-caught Duraludon in Pokemon Sword


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I've been trying to generate a pk8 file of this specific Duraludon - unfortunately it's an overworld8 Pokemon because I am trying to have it with the Stormy marking, which is only available on it as a level 65 overworld encounter in Giant's Seat during a thunderstorm. 
All I specifically "need" to create is a male, max height/weight (since this enables a second mark, the jumbo one), shiny, Stormy mark Duraludon, preferably in a Heavy Ball and with a regular ability 1/2. I don't care about IVs, EVs, TID/SID/OT, moves, etc. I'm just trying to create this specific Duraludon with those parameters, but I'm completely stumped by the overworld8 PID. I've tried the encounter database and adding in specific requirements like the stormy mark, shiny, etc. but it's not been able to come up with anything either.

I've made the outline of the Duraludon in the file, but the PID is really getting me.


0884 ★ - Duraludon - 290BD59F4FBF.pk8

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