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Looking for Help Editing the Player OT for a Japanese Pokemon Emerald Save


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I'm looking to get a shiny blue Mew to use as a Ribbon master. And after having RNG'ed one in an English Copy of Pokemon Emerald, I learned that It isn't seen as legitimate because the Old Sea Map key item required to venture to faraway island never saw a release in the U.S..

So I decided to download a Japanese Emerald save from another thread here on project pokemon because it already had a completed story, as well as the key items like the Old Sea Map Avaliable. This way I wouldn't have to play through it again. So I tried use PKHEX to edit the OT, ID, and SID. And While the ID and SID worked just fine, the OT kept on bugging out, and not saving correctly.

The End goal is to have an OT Reflect this:

OT: ジョシュア 
ID: 52499 
SID: 23331
OT Gender: M

And then Ideally, I would like to use this Set up to RNG a 6IV Square Shiny Faraway island mew on seed 0A16 frame 19914 as described by /u/gleceonized in their thread a few months back on reddit.

But for some reason when I edit the trainer name under the save tab in the trainer info section, it cuts out some characters of the OT, leaving me with simply "ジョ", Cutting out the last three characters "シュア". And thus far, no matter what I do, I have not been able to find a solution.

Here are a few of the things that I have tried thus far:

1. Copy/Pasting the OT Name from another fresh save in PKHEX. I created a new save file in Pokemon Emerald (JP) and entering the name just as I would like it to appear. Then opening up the new save in PKHEX, and copy/paste the text from the new file to the target file. I thought this might be a workable solution because it would help if maybe I used some improper Katakana text in PKHEX, confusing the software with the incorrect width or some problem of that sort associated with the font.

2. Changing the language setting of the Pokedex software to Japanese before editing the pokemon emerald Japanese Save file. This Proved to be ineffective.

3. Searching here on Project pokemon for other people with similar problems that might have a solution. I found this thread from last month, and at first I was thinking about just posting this question as a reply to that thread, and while both me and Xibei are experiencing issues with the same data set, being the OT Name on Emerald (JP), The problems we are experiencing seem a little different. Some users suggested using a hex editor and changing it manually without the usage of PKHEX. This sounds like it could be effective but I don't have the knowledge required to be comfortable editing my save with a hex editor. Especially when I don't know which Japanese characters corresponded with which hex numbers in order to get the desired result. Bulbapedia has a nice thread about generation 3 save data structures but I feel that would only get me so far.

And then I have a couple solutions that I haven't tried, that I'm not sure how to implement, or if they would even be effective, or give the desired result.

1. Just use double wide Romaji that Emerald supports. With the player name in Emerald (JP) I am unable to fit My name "Joshua" as it is 6 characters. This OT Is sentimental to me, as I have been using it since gen 1. And I'd rather not shorten it to Josh. But use the Katakana for my name instead.

2. Just generate a Mew with the exact specifications that you are looking for, and insert them into your game. As I am intending to make this pokemon a ribbon master. I would like every step of this Mew's Ribbon Master Journey to be as unassisted as possible. And would prefer not to edit it's .pkm file at any point in time. (Beyond Maybe making a backup file)

3. Start a New Playthrough of Pokemon Emerald JP!  As I've already put a great deal of hours into Emerald US, I'd really rather not have to play through the game in it's entirety in a language that I'm not fluent in. I've edited the Save For my fresh .sav file with the correct name to have the 8 badged flagged as completed, but otherwise I haven't flagged any major story events as complete. I injected the False Swipe Brelloom from the other game into this one. If I could somehow edit my character's location to faraway island, I think this could potentially be a good solution, but the generation 3 version of POKEHEX doesn't seem to have the capability to change the location of the player, as we see in some later generations.

Any suggestions?

Pokemon Emerald (J)_FreshSave.NameCorrect.sav Pokemon Emerald (J)_EndgameSave.NameCorrupted.sav

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