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hi my name is plastic


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or joshua.

mostly making a account because i missed out on some event pokemon and am looking into getting them or finding someone to host those raids.
i sometimes make sprites and index for pokemon fan projects. unfortunately most of the stuff ive been on hasnt really gone anywhere (oh well lol)
i have never been in a community like this before so i dont know where to ask for things or find them

i am computer illiterate but im working on it.
i own physical copies for: Sc, Sw, LA, SP, Let's go P, M, UM, Y, OR, B, W2, P, Pt, HG, S, E, LG, C, R, Y

i havent been on a forum in almost 10 years, i like to take pictures of birds, think catfish are funny, and my favorite pokemon is gulpin


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