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Watching RAM data on a running GBA

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Hi, guys! I have a question, maybe one of you could be the one who will solve my problem 😉
Is it possible to retrieve or read data from the RAM of a GBA while it's still on (through a custom link cable or other hardware, for example, possibly cartswapping)? Example: I fled from a Pokémon, but I want to recover or read its 100-byte data still present in RAM (let's assume I have not initiated a new Pokémon battle nor turned off the system). In a few words, can I "RAM watch" my GBA (without turning it off or making a trade, that would wipe out the wild Pokémon data from memory) in the same way you can do it on mGBA? Let me know! A money prize ($100) will be awarded for the eventual problem solver 😎.

P.S.(To the mods): Feel free to move this topic in the category most suitable to it, if it's the case 🙂

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