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Wishmence IV spreads

a quylthulg

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I've become interested in possible Wish Bagon iv/nature combinations because I play a gen3 competitive metagame where wishmence is fairly good and would rather not use illegal pokemon. I've been able to write a Python program to generate possible combinations; however, it's not clear to me how the event decided which Pokemon given out would be Bagons vs other pokemon, and which bagons would have wish vs iron defense. If this is based on the otherwise unused first two numbers given out by the generator, some of the given spreads may be illegal, or rather legal spreads only for event Pokemon that aren't Wish Bagon. I can't find any patterns looking over the number generator but i may be missing something.

In short, does anyone know how the PCJP event determined which pokemon with which moves were given out and whether that relates to to seed with which they were given out?

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