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Help with White 2 rom hack bugs


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I've been working on a double battle rom hack for pokemon white 2. The process was going fine with rebalancing pokemon, and adding them to the overworld. 

I was checking after each major change and was fine and running along the way.

But after changing every trainer to a double battle, I ran into two errors. 

(I used bwte 2 for this process: )

The first error, and the bigger of the two is that when a trainer sees you and starts a battle, the game softlocks. The trainer and player stand there face to face while everything else moves along. No amount of waiting will progress this. 

When the player chooses to talk to the character, there's a slight pause, but then things continue somewhat normally, with the only difference being that the trainer's text box is empty.

While looking through this thread I found a potential cause/solution to it: 

(The issue and solutions are described at the end of the initial post)

The only issue is that I can't seem to get a working version of PPRE, nor PPRE 1.12. Furthermore, I didn't use PPRE 1.14 for this rom hack.

Any advice or help on this would be greatly appreciated!


The other issue I'm running into is less severe, but any ideas on it would be great. 

The issue is that in double battles, there's a chance that an enemy pokemon will attack it's partner. I read in a thread that this might have to do with the unknown value or the difficulty, but changing these didn't fix the problem. Like I said, this isn't as big of deal as the other one, but if there's a quick solution or knowledge about this one that would be great.


Thanks for reading, and am grateful for any and all feedback!


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Further context for what the issue is
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