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"You can't save to:" - Pokémon Scarlet [Problem Solved]


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Hi all,

Unfortunately I have encountered an error where I am unable to save the game file into the same file. Prior to this I was able to simply edit my save file and overwrite the current file with the newly update version. Last thing I did before this was select "Unlock all Fly Locations".

Not sure what I can do to fix this situation, I am still able to play the game as normal with my current save file and can back it up with JKSV with no problems.

Please see attached file.

EDIT: Please note, I have tried the method of creating a new folder and saving it in that location but it seems to be the entire game folders that are affected and are unable to save.

EDIT: Please disregard. I found the problem. On the microSD reader the grey part of it accidentally was moved to have the folders on "read-only". I assumed this may have been something PKHeX related due to the given situation above.

Screenshot 2023-10-02 005051.png

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