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Moving PKHEX Genned Pokemon from Sun to BDSP Secret ID and Pokemon ID


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Hi to start I was playing through Pokémon BDSP but wanted to use some different Pokémon because Sinnoh doesn’t really have a lot to offer. I used PKHex to generate a wartortle, dratini, mankey and more from earlier generations. All worked well when I sent them over to Pokemon bank and then to Pokemon home, until, I realised these Pokemon were considered traded and it got to a point where I wasn’t able to use my whole team because the level cap is level 10 until you get 2 badges boosting the cap to 30. So I figure I’ll get the Pokémon again but make the secret ID and trainer ID on the Pokémon match the save on BDSP but when I go to transfer from bank to Pokémon home the transfer fails… and then when I check the trainer ID on the Pokemon it’s 40838 not the 31838 that I set it to any idea what I’m doing wrong? (Also I’m specifically grinning the Pokémon on my Sun save file because the secret ID is 4 digits and the Trainer ID is 6 digits. The same as it is in BDSP)

thanks everyone

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Not sure if you worked it out yet, but the game (and gender) are also used when checking for OT. So even with the Trainer Name, ID, and SID the same; a pokemon from SM will never treat a BDSP trainer as the OT.


I think the best way to solve your problem would be to gen the Pokemon you want as eggs in the BDSP sav to have you as the OT, or have them as already hatched but met as an egg.

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