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Finding (legal) IV's and Natures for Gen 3 Event Pokémon

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So there is this topic here: Injecting Gen III Event Pokemon: IVs and Nature Editing - Saves - Editing Help - Project Pokemon Forums

Which is pretty similar to my inquire, but I believe the topic is outdated so I wanted to make a post myself. I'm save editing event Pokemon (Jirachi, Deoxys, so on) onto some Gen 3 games using PKHex. Thankfully the process is less complicated due to some save files others have compiled provided on the internet. Unfortunately the Gen 3 Event Legality Checker doesn't run on my computer (may be outdated? broken?) but I'm interested in trying to find out what possible IV's and natures some of these Pokemon can have legally. I don't know if there's a specific formula I can use with something such as, say, PokeFinder, but if anyone has any solutions or programs I may not know about, I would be sincerely grateful.




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