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PKMN B/W – Action Replay code to run randomly, is it possible?


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I'm casually playing Pokemon Black (USA) and I'd like to increase the shiny odds to about 1/128 or even 1/64.

I tried to achieve this by modifying the game's arm9.bin, but the maximum possible is 1/256. My current idea is to use the Action Replay code that ensures a 100% shiny encounter and somehow make it run randomly.

I've consulted Datel's user manual and this documentation (https://doc.kodewerx.org/hacking_nds.html#action_replay), but to no avail. I'm unaware of any random addresses in the game that I can call with AR to compare and execute the code when there's a match a certain number of times.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can achieve this?

Thanks in advance.


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