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Pokémon Rumble WiiWare Research

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I've had these questions regarding modding this game lingering around me for a while, since AT7View was out and the Rumble Weekend mod:

1. Will there be a model importer and/or a proper recompressor for the arc.cx files? (I don't know which one is causing me to have the most issues, but either one is not letting me do the model importing)

2. Is it possible to add Pokémon data entries to the game?

3. Is it a possibility to add new moves in the game?

These might be really hard to do, but its something I really want to see happen in the future, and I'd love to see progress of it as well if I'm allowed to. I'd already be happy enough with the first two questions, but the third would make it better.

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Update: I've figured out how to properly import models (replacing models in this case) in Rumble! There are some issues that I'm currently experiencing, but It's working with textures too!

Here's a Rumble Styled Garganacl I made and Imported as my first test! Now I'm currently trying to aim for adding completely new Pokémon to it, but with my current hex knowledge, I highly doubt that I can do it but I'll try my best and also hope some people will help me with those .pkc files, which could also be the same as Pokémon Channel since that is also made by Ambrella


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