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BW1 NARC Locations

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I've been searching everywhere, but I'm having trouble finding a list of known NARC paths for BW1. I've found multiple very comprehensive lists of locations for BW2 - the BW/B2W2 General FAQ even has 3 different links for B2W2, but it has none for BW1. I've found people discussing locations of specific things they've found and responses to questions about specific locations, but anything that seems like it would lead to a list of all locations ends up being a dead link. Does anyone have a list of locations for BW1 specifically?

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I couldn't find anywhere that had catalogued everything on these games, only places where people had asked for one or two things and gotten answers, one very incomplete list, and a list of NARC locations for B2W2 which mentioned when something was copied from BW1 and stated the location it could be found in BW1.


So naturally I searched through and catalogued every instance I could find of this and put them all in a spreadsheet for people.




I can't confirm if any of these are even correct aside from trdata and trpoke, as I'm not very experienced with this, but this could be a very useful starting point for someone else, and if any of you experts out there want to make a copy of this spreadsheet for yourselves, catalogue everything you know for certain, and make it a public resource, please feel free. Each thing I put into the spreadsheet has a link to the place where I found someone stating that it could be found at that address, these people (usually from 10 years ago) could be wrong, so it may need to be verified. Except for a few which were found in a discord server I discovered existed after putting a ton of these into the spreadsheet.


And before you ask, yes, I do really, really hate it when useful information that you would previously be able to find on the internet is now locked behind searching through the pinned messages in a discord chat that you didn't know existed.

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