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Looking for a Dusk Ball Decidueye and Dusk Ball Samurott for breeding use on BDSP, offering some shinies in return.

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Hello guys, i am looking for a Dusk Ball Decidueye and also a Dusk Ball Samurott, although any of their pre-evolution forms will do as well as long as they are inside a Dusk Ball. So, does any of you have these? I got a couple of shinies on Arceus and id be willing to trade one of them for what i ask. Here is the list of all the shinies i have on Arceus so far:

2X Bidoof lvl 4 Quiet and lvl 11 Jolly

4X Staravia lvl 3 Rash. lvl 3 Impish, lvl 7 Brave and lvl 11 Naive

Wurmple lvl 3 Calm

2X Beautifly lvl 18 Hardy and lvl 20 Impish

Ponyta lvl 15 Rash

Drifloon lvl 4 Bold

2X Drifblim lvl 29 Serious and lvl 30 Timid

Kricketot lvl 8 Mild

Geodude lvl 9 Calm

Buneary lvl 15 Naughty

Mime Jr lvl 18 Impish

And 4 other shinies on Lets Go Pikachu i am willing to part with:

Eevee lvl 39 Modest

Vapereon lvl 39 Calm

Jolteon lvl 39 Timid

Flareon lvl 39 Adamant.

Ok guys this is it, this is what i have to offer. Anyone interested?

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