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Editing Rotom Abilities

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So I was messing around with the ROM "Pokemon BB2 Redux", changing the types and abilities of Pokemons with PRC_BW2. I saw that Rotom Fan has Motor Drive instead of Levitate, which every Rotom forms have. So I wanted to give to every forms of Rotom a different ability. However it seems that editing these abilities with PRC_BW2 it's not enough because every forms of Rotom will always have the ability of the base form, except the fan form which still has Motor Drive.

Example if I change Rotom base form ability with Static and mow form with Sap Sipper, the mow form will have (for some reason) the ability Static. However if I change Rotom base form ability with Static and fan form with Speed Boost, the fan form will have the ability Speed Boost.

I don't know what I have to do to change the ability of every forms of Rotom, do I need to manually edit the personal .narc? How am I supposed to do so? Or maybe I'm doing something wrong/missing something? Help me pretty please

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