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Pokemon Battle Revolution - (NTSC-U) Gecko Cheats


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Pokemon Battle Revolution does not have many cheat codes for the USA release. Thanks to the wonderful work of pjsamm on Discord and the community over at the Gamecube/Wii Pokemon ROM Hacking Discord, we have some codes for obtaining some niche items!

With pjsamm's permission, I am posting the codes here for preservation.

Unlock All Shiny Costumes

040c0f44 60000000
040c1640 60000000
040c2964 3800003f
040c2968 981c00b4
040c2974 60000000

All Opponent Pokemon is Shiny (Rental Passes are not affected)

0417cb64 60000000
0417cb78 418200b8

Max Damage

C23bb1ec 00000002
38608000 907f2144
60000000 00000000

All Damage is Zero

C23bb1ec 00000002
38600000 907f2144
60000000 00000000

Unlock All Battle Pass Designs

040e7db4 38600001



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