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Feature Request: Gen III/IV Size Check


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In Gen III/IV, certain Pokemon can have different sizes based on calculations made using their Personality Value and IVs. The equations are on the Personality value article of Bulbapedia, in the section on Size. But PKHeX doesn't seem to do these calculations/provide the results of the calculations. I did try to make a calculator for this myself yesterday, but the last time I coded before that was half a decade ago and I was never any good to begin with, so the resulting program...I wouldn't trust my program.

Anyway, I'd like to request a way to know the s value, as seen in the Bulbapedia article I mentioned. for the currently displayed PKM. Taking the s value and doing the rest of the calculations isn't hard, but getting the s value is very hard. If you can provide further info than that then that'd be cool too, but the s value might still be important too in case it could influence the size of pokemon imported from Gen III/IV to Gen IX's new size system. (Having to reverse the final calculation to find s to figure out if the pokemon is large/small enough to get a Jumbo/Mini Mark is not something I would want to have to do repeatedly, assuming it even works like that.)

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