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Help with IV editing and coming generations.

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Ive been playing Pokemon since red and one thing I found out later playing was the IV concept which turned me away for a minute, I never was able to accept that someone out there could have a better IV pokemon than the ones I raised. Anyway, I have an emulated Emerald file and white 2 file that Ive been playing for a while and ive edited the iv to flawless. I recently discovered the PKHex and though to myself what a great way to make things easier for me. Editing a flawless Registeel or kyreum. But me being a noob at this program I just wanted to ask,  would you recommend I edit the ivs instead of spending hours breeding just to get those same Ivs and what about the legendaries. If not why? I know in recent games bottle caps made it easier but I cant sleep at night knowing it is only a sticker and it cant be passed down in breeding and not knowing what future generations might hold. Maybe they will remove the bottlecaps. I hate hacking personally but if it means having a mon that sticks with me for generations I am willing to do it that way. I mainly breed them and then edit the ivs after. So a half legal-illegal way nothing crazy just the ivs. Just wanted some thoughts. 

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