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HGSS Safari Zone Blocks are not leveling up


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Essentially what the title says.

So I am trying to get all the Pokemon within the Safari Zone, and trying to level up blocks in the six areas.

However, there seems to be a problem. I set up the zones on February 8th (right after I beat the Elite Four and got the National Dex), but the problem is, 10 days later, I hadn't got a call to say that the Plains blocks had been leveled up.

I had been turning on the game every day for the past month to make sure it counted, but now I'm not sure if it is counting. I did not mess with the clock in any way.

If anyone can tell me what's going on and if I am missing something, I really appreciate it. Hadn't been finding much help on the subject.

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Well, I feel very stupid. Turns out the the Area Customizer tool in the Safari Zone does not actually track the block upgrades (which was what I was basing things off of). So everything is working as it should.

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