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Pokémon FireRed Distorted


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An italian hack rom!

Creator: Wyschydog;
Game duration: 2 Hours;
Language: Italian originally but translated into English;
Rom base: Pokémon FireRed ITA;



-There is only one life in the game (so if you lose in battle you won't be able to continue the adventure);
-Pokémon sprites are creepy;
-New scripts;
-New maps;
-New tiles;
- More than different plot;
-New characters;
-And more...

Red, the protagonist of Pokémon FireRed, lives his life quietly. One day he discovers that the Pokémon world is not what he thought it was: its very existence is illusory and imposed by someone above.


-Download the English version(.IPS FILE)


80C(Help in different sprite, minisprite, mapping and plot);
IvanFGK(help minisprite, sprite e artwork);
Nishi7( logo);
Ledypion(creation Tile e sprite);
Zeus spriter(sprite);
Nick Mirk(sprite)



Edited by wyschydog
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