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My Pokémon Ranch - Unused(?) Poké Ball PokeToy


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I've been working on expanding PkHeX's support for My Pokemon Ranch again - This time to include some content from the Platinum update! But it looks like there's something I missed previously - There's a Toy #26 in both the base game and the Platinum update! It's a Poké Ball!
It's the highest indexed toy in the base game (Trying Toy #27 causes it to crash; while in the Pt update #27's the new B'day Cake!), and I couldn't find any information regarding its existence online. Going by its functionality (or lack thereof), it appears it may be incomplete or was used for debug purposes, as even in the Platinum update, its functionality doesn't change!

When left on the ground, it appears as in the first screenshot - halfway underground. Pokémon will approach the ball, but won't interact with it beyond just staring at the thing. Miis will also walk towards it and even pick it up, but they immediately drop it. 

Has anyone encountered this toy on the past, or know anything about it (especially whether it appears during normal gameplay at any point)?

Screenshot 2023-02-04 231708.png

Screenshot 2023-02-04 231726.png

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