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Looking for help in finding the magazine that published info of the UK Mew centres (2000?)


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Hi there

I've been on a nostalgia trip lately and I remember a very particular magazine in the UK. I cannot remember much about it besides knowing that one page of it discussed when and where you could go to get Mew on your Pokemon cartridge. I begged for days to go but from what I remember there wasn't one centre near us and I just want to look back at the list and see for myself.

Anybody have the slightest idea of the magazine or issue this would be in?

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Nintendo official magazine (UK) - April 2000 - pages 78-79 - has info about the Nintendo Official Magazine Tour 2000, you couldn't get a Mew at this tour, but if you won a gold badge, you could later trade this for a mew. 

Nintendo official magazine (UK) - July 2000 - pages 66-71 - Has some photos from the previous tour and an artical about one of the contributors going to Japan to collect a "mew machine"  and a giveaway for 100 Mews.

Nintendo official magazine (UK) - August 2000 - pages 70-71 - Has the info about the Nintendo Pokemon Tour with the Mew downloads.

Nintendo official magazine (UK) - September 2000 - pages 74-75 - Has photos from the Bluewater Event

Nintendo official magazine (UK) - October 2000 - pages 70-71 - Has photos from the Southampton Event


Hope this helps you out. I went to the (Beumont) Leys event on the first tour, got knocked out pretty fast but got to play Stadium before the release. I got my Mew from the second tour at the Manchester stop, by luck as i was visiting family up that way. I still have it somewhere on a floppy disc (ha, remember those?), a local game store would make backups of your Pokemon games for £5!




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