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Summary Ribbons "upgradable" with PkHex?


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Before I go through the trouble of hacking a Pokemon into oblivion, I need a few related questions answered first: 

1. I have a Pokemon with both the Contest and Battle Memory Ribbons.  Due to the lack of online play for the okder games, I have been functionally locked out of some.  My first question is this - Can that missing ribbon count be added in through Pk Hex?

1A. Would I need to alter the above Memory Ribbon to properly change the color/"legality"/whatever of it?

2. Would doing this make the Pokemon inelligible to go to Pokemon Home and/or beyond?  The Pokemon in question is legal in every other respect, and not even particularly remarkable.  Would these technically possible ribbons cause any issues?

I have a partner from Pokemon Emerald that I've been carefully plugging through every entry and is now sitting comfortably in Ultra Sun while I get this answer resolved, since I know that passing from Bank to Home is a one way trip.

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