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Hello, World!! Lurker Finally Makes an Intro!


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Hello, all!!

My name is EeveEnthusiast. (Portmanteau of Eevee and enthusiast, in case it wasn't obvious. I couldn't come up with anything clever when I made this account so I just went for an easy wordplay.)  You can call me "Eevee" or "Eve" for short! I'm a longtime Pokemon fan and a lurker of this forum who has taken an interest in rom hacking and finally decided to join. (And make an intro months after creating an account. :XD:)

I recently played Drayano's Renegade Platinum hack, and my word.  I'm not sure I'll ever go back to "vanilla" Platinum again!!

My interest in enhancement hacks has been piqued and I would love to play more!  Do you have any favorites or suggestions?  I was planning on playing Volt White 2 Redux next!

As of this moment, my current ROM hacking goal is to learn how to implement new trainer fights into the gen 4/5 NDS games; "new" as in fights that weren't there previously, as well as back-to-back "boss" trainer fights.  Maybe I'll try to make my own enhancement hack one day.... but for now, I'll be sticking to the basics and doing things for the sole reason of "I can, so why not?"

Please pardon me if I ask some super "noob" questions--this is all very new and I may have missed something when looking through the different guides/tools, haha! Just kindly point me in the right direction and I'm sure I'll get things down in no time.

I look forward to participating in this community!

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