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Adding a Save Battery to bootleg cartridge - help

Guest Saulo

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See if you can help me! So I recently bought all five gen 3 cartridges and I knew they would be repro, I was okay with it since I live in Brazil and it would be such a pain to find the original cartridges around here. I have the original Emerald that I eventually learned to extract the save, edit it and insert it again. I was hoping to do the same with the repro but I just can't (I read other articles here going deeper about this). But after researching a little I found out that I can actually add a battery to the bootleg cart. If I do so, would I be able to normally save, extract, edit and insert the sav files back to the cartridge and get it to work? Has anyone tried? 

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Hi. Bootleg GBA cards save different from legit gba games. They save on the same chip as the rom file. If you dump the rom and open it in an emulator, you can see your save is there.


While it is possible to extract the save file from the rom, it isn't really possible to inject it back in (without extra hardware at least)


The battery in gba games is for the real time clock. GBA did not use batteries for save files.

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