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Is there a tool which will allow me to RNG XD shadow shiny spreads??? (for shiny lock removed xd game)


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Hi all first time poster here.


Love the stuff you guys create and hope there is something that can assist me here.


So as title states really, I'm a serial RNG'er and have shiny lock removed my Pokemon XD on emulator and want to find perfect spreads (or as close to) for shadow pokes. Now I know on 3dsrngtool for example if you want to shiny hunt locked ones with a removal patch, there is an option if you select the dash symbol and manually enter the specifics it will show you shiny spreads you can apply to your search and get otherwise shiny locked pokes that way. Does a similar tool exist within your annals here that would allow me to do the same to shiny hunt shadow locked xd mons with near perfect spreads? advice much appreciated



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