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PokeWalker Battery died...but still good?

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I've been getting the low battery notification on my Pokewalker on and off for the last few weeks. I thought it was odd because I recalled changing it last year but figured I was just using it a lot (and I was, relatively). It abruptly died this week, and I went to swap the battery.

When I opened it up and replaced the battery, it worked again. Out of curiosity I got out a multimeter and tested the 'bad' one, and it read '2.94V'...isn't that still great for a 3V battery? Why wasn't this working? I didn't try to put it back in, but I guess I could try.

To be clear, last year I replaced the original battery with a new Duracell 2032 battery rated for like 10 years (so until like 2032 lmao). 

Also really bothers me that inside the battery cavity it shows the '+' sign as if you are supposed to put in the battery upside down (coin battery text not readable when installed) but it clearly does not work like that.

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