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Help figuring *anything* out about the three or more unreleased Special Codes in Pokkén Tournament DX?


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Hello, first time creating a topic here so apologies if this isn't the place or if what I'm asking simply isn't possible.

Pokkén Tournament DX has a feature called Special Codes, which are basically the same as Mystery Gifts in the main series and other spin-off titles. You enter a 12-character code consisting of capital letters and numbers, and if it's an officially-released, active code then you get a Title, outfit, or some other customization item.

I personally have 100% completed Pokkén DX, as have others since it's not the hardest game to 100% and it's been out for quite a few years now. There are three Titles that each have a Special Code as their unlock requirement but have never been released anywhere by the devs/publishers/any third parties. There are discussions on Reddit as well as other sites/forums that pop up every year or so asking about these Titles, but as far as everyone who plays this game can tell, these three codes were never released. There have even been occasional petitions and hashtags where fans have tried to ask Nintendo/TPCi/Bandai Namco to release the remaining Special Codes, but these never gained much traction and never went anywhere.

Just for reference, here's a list of all of the Special Codes that have been released to the public: https://serebii.net/pokkendx/specialcode.shtml

I'm writing this today to ask if there's anyone on this site who may have the means to help Pokkén fans figure out anything about these codes:

  1. Best case scenario, is a dataminer able to gather a full list of active Special Codes? From there, we can reference Serebii's list and determine if any active codes were never shared with the public.
  2. Otherwise, is it possible for a dataminer to figure out any rules that the devs put in place for what constitutes a valid Special Code? Maybe there's some arbitrary rules like the code will never have three of the same character in a row, or something. If we can't determine whether the codes are active and we can't determine what the codes are, it's possible that determining the rules a Special Code has to follow might bring the number of possibilities down enough that Pokkén fans could work together to try all of the possibilities. Without any ideas other than "it's a combination of 12 capital letters and numbers", the number of possibilities is too great for even a large number of people to manually attempt.
  3. If neither of those are possible, is it possible for a dataminer to determine what these three unreleased Titles are, just so fans have some closure?

Thanks, and let me know if more information is needed to be able to attempt to figure this out. I actually spent a good few hours trying to build a spreadsheet of possible codes using a Python script before I realized that the number of possibilities was just too astronomically high for it to be worth the time of myself and other players trying to manually validate each code... so I'm happy to help out however I can if it means we might be able to get some answers!

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