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Pokemon Emerald - How to spawn Secret Base items?

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While playing through Pokemon Emerald, I got the Secret Power TM and taught it to my HM user. For fun, I made a base. While entering I looked to see what I had for decorations only to realize.. oh yeah. This isn't my physical copy of the game. I went to PKHeX to try and spawn some of these decorations, nothing too important. That's also when I remembered, "Holy shit, there're those Regi Trio Dolls. I need." I love the Regi Trio so much, especially their foreign designs in RSE. They look so out of place, dull colors and bulky appearance. I want to make my base into a shrine for these Dolls, knowing how rare they are. I couldn't figure out how to spawn any of these items. I searched online and nothing showed up, I went to PKHeX and sextuple checked. Any ideas?

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