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Save file for Pokémon Emerald is corrupted

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Hi guys, 

I played Emerald all the way up to beating the elite four and beating wallace etc. I used an Everdrive gba x5 mini and things worked beautifully. Until suddenly when opening up the game it said the save file was erased due to corruption or damage. It then only opted to open up a new game. I tried finding ways to fix it, by opening the save file (which was in .fla format) with PKHex and then exporting the save file again. I’m not sure, but I believe this messed up the save file even more because now when starting the game it says the save file is corrupted and that it will load from the last save file, but then it shows a weird trainer name (like EEËEEEË) and when I choose that the screen just stays black...

It is able to open the save file in PKHex and see everything, like all my pokémon and so forth, but it does say the trainer is EEËEEEË while my name was Jash..

Is the save file ruined? And how did this happen in the first place? Was it because of the Everdrive? But most of all, is there a way to repair the save file?

Thanks if anyone can help me out. The save file is provided beneath v

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