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Pokémon Battrio inquiry


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Hello! My name is ht14. I am a staff member on Bulbapedia. I have a huge interest in Pokémon spin-off games, but one particular game has piqued my interest over the past several years: Battrio. For those who are unaware, Battrio is an arcade game that was released in Japan and Taiwan from 2007-2012 (Generations IV-V era).

Battrio has a lot of amazing Trainer class artwork and sprites that have been lost to time. My understanding is that some of the artwork is found either through its guidebooks or from CoroCoro or Famitsu magazines. I have some samples attached for your reference, care of Pokechars from tumblr and nuva-kal from Bulbapedia (huge thanks to them for their help!). They have featured Trainer classes from the main series games (e.g., Ace Trainer, Hiker), a Trainer class from the Orre-based games (Rider), and even their own Trainer classes (e.g., Softballer, Pâtissier, and their own Battrio Leaders). However, aside from some of the images I have posted and some YouTube screenshots, I don't have anything else on this. To make things more complicated, there are different artwork depending on which version of Battrio we're talking about (Battrio +, Battrio S, Battrio 0, Battrio V). And don't get me started on sprites - I've pretty much given up on any chance of getting sprite images of the Trainer classes as all I have are YouTube screenshots.

This leads to my inquiry. I'm wondering if anyone here has access to any of the CoroCoro or Famitsu magazines that feature Battrio artwork (particularly pertaining to Trainer classes). I would appreciate any assistance in this matter. Thanks in advance!





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